Jun. 16th, 2012 05:17 am
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I just woke up from having a delightfully pleasant dream about being an extraordinarily intelligent, wee, black bunny, who escapes from a defunct research facility to undergo a variety of merry adventures, including making marzipan bunnies at a children's Easter fair, to eventually arrive into the loving care of a kindly researcher. I've decided to have a very bunny day. 
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[personal profile] meeks  has done another update of the amazing Teddy in Australia picture, adding more colour. Go check it out! :D
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Check out the adorable story that [personal profile] aldersprig  wrote based on my birthday prompt during her latest Giraffe Call!

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Yes, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  is once again again hosting her monthly Poetry Fishbowl and this month's theme is "anti-heroes and anti-villains", characters who put the grey in 'shades of grey'. Go check it out and leave a prompt!
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As a result, in part, of prompts I've given during [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's most recent Poetry Fishbowl, Captain Mary takes to the skies on a quest for REVENGE! Join her on her adventure in the epic ballad, Salt from a Dead Woman's Table!
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 ... and we're going PUNK! (Steampunk, that is (and, punk of other eras, too)). Go check it out!
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*chuckle*  In the midst of cleaning and reorganizing after the flood of a few weeks back, I found a stack of my old high school poetry (written almost exclusively in Grade 12). I've begun putting the OCR software that came bundled with my scanner/printer to use, reclaiming my writing from those old dot-matrix printouts (yes, dot-matrix). Much of the poetry is dated, some of it is cringe worthy, and a few are... revealing. 

Take, for example, this poem about Death, in which I discovered I had some understanding of a fundamental pagan truth years before I actually became pagan:


I am Death. 
I am not Evil. 
I am not Good. 
I am feared, and hated, 
Yet I bring lasting peace 
I am an agent of Destruction, 
And by destroying, 
I become an agent of Creation: 
Allowing change, renewal, 
And rebirth. 
I am a destroyer. 
I am a creator. 
I am a bringer of change. 
I am Death.

Yes, not my most brilliant work (I was 18, cut me some slack!), but, yeah, the concept of Death being intimately tied to Rebirth is one I did not realize I had rolling around in my brain for so long.

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I've been remiss in linking to [personal profile] meeks ' latest update to the drawing of Teddy in Rundle Mall, South Australia. She's now adding colour! Yay!  :D
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Yesterday was a brilliant, sunny and, above all, warm day that prompted me to go out visiting. The weather was so nice, I wore my shorts. I had a happy visit, bought a few nice nick-knacks from Mystic Moons, enjoyed a lovely drive home, came downstairs, and stepped in water... 

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And this month's theme is commoner heroes and second fiddles. Go check it out and leave a prompt!
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This weekend has been kinda crazy, so I'm a bit late getting to the sketches for the prompts I claimed for sketchfest 24. This morning's been pretty quiet at work, thus far, so I got a bit of sketching in. For [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's prompt 'nesting griffons', I drew these little guys:

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 [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  has written a deeply and spiritually meaningful poem, titled "The Death Tenders", based, in part, on a prompt I gave for her current Poetry Fishbowl. This month's theme is "wild animals". Go check it out and leave a prompt!

For more of my thoughts on vultures, please read my very first LJ post.

More Teddy!

Feb. 2nd, 2012 10:44 pm
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 [personal profile] meeks  has done an update of the drawing of Teddy in Adelaide's Rundle Mall + Piggies! It's really gorgeous! Go take a look!
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 Here's a clever piece of stop motion animation:

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Inspired by the drawing I did for Sketch Fest (which was first inspired by the prompt she left there), [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  wrote a lovely poem telling the tale of the two lovers pictured. I am so pleased by how beautifully she elaborated the implied narrative of the drawing. Go read it!  :)
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Here is my response to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's prompt, "He gave her not his heart, but his lungs, for she was his breath."

And LOOK, no zombies!  :D
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Today I participated in Sketch Fest.  I responded to the prompt, Medusa's Sorrow. Check it out!  :)
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I was gabbing with one of my coworkers about how, after returning to work following the nasal surgery, I kept noticing odd smells around the centre... and how much more I disliked the washrooms.

He responded, in a petulant tone of voice, "I don't like my new super power." XD


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