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[personal profile] meeks  has done another update of the amazing Teddy in Australia picture, adding more colour. Go check it out! :D
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I've been remiss in linking to [personal profile] meeks ' latest update to the drawing of Teddy in Rundle Mall, South Australia. She's now adding colour! Yay!  :D
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This weekend has been kinda crazy, so I'm a bit late getting to the sketches for the prompts I claimed for sketchfest 24. This morning's been pretty quiet at work, thus far, so I got a bit of sketching in. For [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's prompt 'nesting griffons', I drew these little guys:

More Teddy!

Feb. 2nd, 2012 10:44 pm
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 [personal profile] meeks  has done an update of the drawing of Teddy in Adelaide's Rundle Mall + Piggies! It's really gorgeous! Go take a look!
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Here is my response to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 's prompt, "He gave her not his heart, but his lungs, for she was his breath."

And LOOK, no zombies!  :D
Image under the cut... )

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Today I participated in Sketch Fest.  I responded to the prompt, Medusa's Sorrow. Check it out!  :)
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[ profile] meeksp has done an update on the picture of Teddy in Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Go check it out!  :D
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So back in August, I had taken a short break from all the packing and cleaning and such to snap a few photos:

More photoey goodness under the cut... )

That red and blue LED growlight is so much to shoot with.  :)
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Hee! Meeks just put up a revised sketch of the Teddy in Australia sketch

More on the project, including details and the original sketch, can be seen here. Go check it out (and leave a comment)!

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I recently won one a free icon contest held by [ profile] meeksp (also found at My habit of practicing a Kung Fu form or two at work when things are really slow (as well as my build) has earned me the nickname "Kung fu Panda" by some of my co-workers. (Hee!) Based on the prompt of an anthropomorphic panda version of myself in a Hung Gar (Southern style Kung Fu) pose, Mika created the TOTALLY EPIC ICON you see before you now!


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Those of you who know the history behind Teddy and me also know that he and I joined company long after my journey to Adelaide, South Australia. However, [info]meeksp , in one of her crowdfunded projects, has chosen to delight us (well, at least me, anyhow) with a might-have-been image had Teddy, a camera and I had been at Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, at the same time.  Please go see the work in progress here! 

(Needless to say, I am so very SQUEEE at the moment!  :D )

Teddy watches with great anticipation.


Apr. 8th, 2011 10:01 am
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Based on the poem "Where They're Coming From", written by [ profile] ysabetwordsmith  during her most recent Poetry Fishbowl (with the theme of "Mad Scientists"), a discussion arose concerning what might happen if a victim of bullying somehow acquired the power to stop his or her torment (I'd recommend reading the poem and the resultant conversations). During one of the discussions, I was reminded of a web comic project I had done a number of years ago (before I was even fully aware of what a web comic was). The original project was presented as a very simple website with a single panel displayed at a time, looping continuously (so it's just as endless as bullying seems to be). I present here in more of a traditional web comic form: 

(Trigger warning: bullying)

The rest of the comic... )
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Sorry this comes a bit late, but I wanted to share with you a couple images of both the egg I created for our Ostara ceremony and an arrangement I created for my seasonal altar.

And, yes, that silhouette IS a cut-out. It's my first go at this kind of sculpture. Mistakes were made along the way, but it turned out not too bad, no?
More photos here... )
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I recently purchased a lovely little 3" bronze resin statuette of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Healing and Compassion. She now has a home on my primary altar. She's so beautiful and serene that I just had to share.  

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For Imbolc, my offering of inspiration was delivered in the form of a Brigid's Cross engraved onto a small, polished piece of hematite:

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This photo shows the first Jack-O-Lantern that I've carved in YEARS. Perhaps not the most technically complicated one I've carved, but very likely the cutest. :)

Happy Samhain! May it be filled with pleasant reflection of the past year and and joyous expectations for the next!

Blessed Be!
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As part of my ongoing efforts to improve my photography, I have assembled a collection of my top twelve photos, of which I will endeavour to replace at least one of each month. For more about the history of this project, please see this post. 

Last updated: September 21, 2010

My Top Twelve Photos... )


Aug. 29th, 2010 09:47 am
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Taken using a Canon Powershot A700 and using a fluorescent daylight spectrum bulb for lighting...


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