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In a (very) recent interview, Nathan Fillion, who played Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in the TV series, Firefly, made a comment that if he were to win 300 million dollars in a lottery, he'd buy the rights to the Firefly series and produce it for internet release. 

The response from loyal fans can be found here: Let's get the Captain his money!

You can read more about fan reaction in the following article: Internet-savvy 'Firefly' fans fly back into the fight

I've been involved in some crowd funded projects before, including helping with the production of a short documentary. This, however, if successful, would be EPIC!

Boost the signal!
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Snagged from [ profile] itsjustc ...

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Stolen from [ profile] fayanora  (with a cunning plan, of course...)

Your results:
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It took while to actually get to reinstalling Windows yet. On a suggestion from my friendly ISP, whilst getting needed info for my internet service, I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes Anti-malware. As AVG did it, it came up with a system clear. AVG, however, as Malwarebytes was sniffing through the system restore files for my external hard-drive, picked up a trojan that Malware flushed out of inactivity, but did not see itself. This trojan may very well be why I haven't been able to do any system restores, which was the first thing on the list when I tried fixing a number of my system issues. I'll be going ahead with the reinstall, though, when I get home from work.

Today after work, I finally got to business. After a little bit of fiddling with partitions, I've finally got XP up and running on the lappy, as well as AVG installed. I still have a whole host of drivers and such to install, but I at least have a working internet connection. Yay me! 

In other news, I got about 90 minutes off for a paid lunch today, as I was part of the winning team for a competion at work. Had me a damn fine Angus burger and plenty o' laughs. Meanwhile, the rest of the department was dealing with the queue that arose when our team left the floor. *evil chuckle*

Whilst getting the 'puter sorted out, I watched a moderately spooky film, "The Unborn," and lots and lots of the first season of the cartoon series "Shaolin Showdown." (Yes, I'm a big kid at heart. *chuckle*) All in all, a good day.   : )

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For the last several weeks, I have been a slave to Betty, Ugly Betty. Yes, I am now catching up to everyone else on that television show and, I must say, there is some outstanding writing for that show.  

The most powerful piece, thus far, has to be the opener for season 2, which I just saw today. 

Last season closed with fiance of Betty's sister, Hilda, getting shot during a convenience store robbery. The last scene from the season finale seemed to indicatet that Santos, the fiance, was dead. 

However, this episode featured him alive and somewhat well, recovering from the bullet wound and being benignly imprisoned by his wife-to-be, who has been intent on doting on him and ensuring his full recovery during the last three weeks. Though he is humouring Hilda, it's pretty clear he would actually like to leave the house, but Hilda seems quite opposed to that, fearing possibly losing him again.  

The scenes of the two, in her sunny bedroom, are filled with romantic and tender moments, with him convincing her to model the wedding dress and she getting him to read the vows he prepared. 

After he read the vows (quite moving in their own right) he states that he has to leave. She wants him to wait one more day, but he insists, explaining that they have to get on. They embrace passionately, just as Betty knocks on the door and asks if she might be able to get some help cooking dinner. The camera cuts to the door as it opens, with Betty standing there.  

The camera cuts back. 

The room is dark. 

Hilda is alone. 

She weeps as she clutches a pillow in place of Santos. 

"He's gone!" she cries, and Betty races to her to comfort her. "That's the first time I've been able to say that," she tearfully explains. 

The sheer poetry of that scene, and the setup for it, really gripped me. I haven't seen that kind of power in script writing for quite some time.

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 There are a number of reasons I can't be bothered. Don't worry, none of them are high minded ethical reasons or other such nonsense; they're all quite practical.  

It mostly boils down to what I get for the money. For starters, just to have a TV in my home, I'd have to fork out £135 a year for a TV license. Yes, in the UK, you have to have a license to watch TV.  

Granted, once I've then forked out further money for a TV and crammed it somewhere in my small flat, I would then have free access to all the BBC chanels (which, in theory, the license pays for). Yes, £135 a year to be bombarded by the likes of Eastenders and Coronation Street. What a deal! 

Okay, granted, there's also Dr. Who, but I'd then have go through the hassle of being in front of my TV on specific days at specific times. Either that, or then purchase a VHS machine to record the episodes. And I haven't seen the whole series from the beginning, so I'd be lost anyway. 

Speaking of Lost, you can't get that on BBC, so now I'm looking at paying even more for a subscription service like SKY TV. 

To avoid all that hassle, I simply rent my favourite series on DVD. For £15 a month, and just a bit of patience to wait for their releases, I get to see all my favourites, from the beginning to the end, plus plenty o' films, whenever it suits me and delivered, by post, right to my door. Blockbuster DVD keeps me well entertained. 

Oh, and no adverts! 

And there ya have it. 

('Course, the current postal strike has me rethinking things a bit...)

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I've been seeing all these TV ads for the upcoming series, Moonlight, which features, you guessed it, a vampire detective. Does anyone actually think this is an original idea? Does anyone remember Forever Knight? I know that's a blast from the past that only ran three seasons, but the general concept was resurrected for Angel, which lasted five. There's probably other series of a similar nature that I'm not aware of. (And please let me know about any I haven't mentioned!)

So what's the appeal? I'm not being critical here; I'll be eagerly checking out the series like many, many others. I'm just curious as to where the draw comes from. Maybe it's just the vampire factor. A thesis could be written about our attraction to children of the night (if one hasn't been written already). It might have something to do with the heady mix of danger and physical intimacy.

Regardless, I'm certain many of us will be watching the premier of Moonlight in the hope that it doesn't suck (I know, I know, bad pun...).

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Lemme see, [ profile] imapunkin and I slept in late, watched some Tru Calling, went out to get some groceries, had some Moroccan lamb for dinner and watched some more Tru Calling (six episodes, in total). All of this, of course, interspersed with some messing around on the computer and much cuddling. Yep, a pleasant day indeed!

PS: The back is way better, too.
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Actually, a good couple of days - yesterday I got in two films that were reasonably entertaining: Doom and Cruel Intentions (though the former required some serious suspension of reality).

Today saw another walking tour of London; this time of features and events that are/were below the surface of London, including the creation of the Embankment to house tube lines and (more importantly) sewers, everything I ever wanted to know about bunkers during WW2, secret meeting rooms, Parliamentarians displaced from their crypts, and the infamous Gunpowder Plot.

I had a lovely lunch at Quizno's (in London), then returned home to do a running session, showered, packed and came to [ profile] imapunkin's place to spend the final week of holiday (free of her kids, as they are away on holiday!). The first task of the evening was to get kebabs for takeaway. We then moved on to Big Brother Winner's Week and a couple episodes of Tru Calling (awesome!). We're both still trying to sort out what to do tomorrow.
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Ya know, I have to admit that I rather miss watching Big Brother. There's been a lot of debate about what effect spending week after week cooped up in a house together would have on the housemates, and, indeed, they were even provided with a staff psychologist to assist them as need be.

But what about the effect on the viewer? We spend thirteen weeks really coming to know the people within, actually coming to care about them, and then it's over; we're cut off from the lives we were coming to know well. It's more than the end of a favourite TV series; it's almost like losing a friend.

At first, I was rather scornful of those who watched Big Brother, but, as I watched it along with die hard fan, [ profile] imapunkin, I came to be fascinated by the personalities and interactions I was witnessing. I'm not sure why that is; it's not like I lead a dull life and, as such, require to live interesting ones vicariously through TV characters.

Is it perhaps because of the comedy? I have to admit, many of the housemates are very amusing to watch. But I think there is more to it than that. There's also something about the conflict involved and the drama that arises from that. It may not be the melodrama of a soap, but it's somehow more compelling, perhaps because of the perceived ingeniousness of it. So what if the housemates are placed in an artificial situation? They are still real people who are laughing and crying for real reasons, and that makes Big Brother more riveting than many program out there.

What's your thoughts on Big Brother and other "reality" TV shows?
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...for real, this time. Did little in the way of walking and only did an hour on the belt. Blech! I just felt really drained and lazy much of the day.

Still, it was enjoyable. I spent much of it relaxing in front of the idiot box, watching such programs as X-Factor and the movie Dumbo. There was also much cuddling to be had and [ profile] imapunkin cooked up a lovely meal of BBQ pork with mash. Poor Punkin hasn't been feeling herself as of late, hence the comfort food.

As for upgrades, the option of buying a better CPU and overclocking to get 1.6 Ghz seems a lot more feasible. I may just do that (not that I really need an additional distraction in my life whilst teaching!(silly grin)); it has been a while since I allowed my inner geek to express itself.

Off to bed soon...
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I enjoyed dinner out with [ profile] imapunkin and family. We then came home to watch Pete get crowned the winner of Big Brother 7 (Wanker! (and I mean that in a good way!)). And, finally, I resolved birthday gift issues for my brother and father, though by the somewhat lackluster expedience of Sears gift certificates ordered on-line. Of course, I still have a box of cards and such (including much belated pressies for [ profile] mionemione) that needs to be sent off, but oh well... Those who know me well know they're lucky if they get a gift or pressie from me even approaching on time (sheepish grin).
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Ah! It's so blessedly cool this morning! Raining, but cool. I'm not sure what all I'm going to do with the day, as outdoor activity is rather nixed. I suspect there will be more Tru Calling today. I just spent a good chunk of time searching e-Bay for certain articles of clothing in my size. Whilst I can get dress shirts and trousers to fit me in Tesco's, I can't seem to find shorts and XXXL t-shirts anywhere retail. E-Bay to the rescue! There's a whole bunch of stuff in my size available, and for cheap, too!

I'm not sure why I'm so pleased to finally be using PayPal and e-Bay. It's something that many people take for granted everyday and that I've been capable of setting up for well over a year. But somehow, I feel a little more "with it" now that I'm actively using them.

As for my very first e-Bay purchase, I'm into hour 2 for the day. The gut feels firmer to the touch, so the belt is doing something. According to the manual, there should be visible results in two to four weeks of regular use. I think I'm already beginning to see some reduction, but that could be just wishful thinking on my part (grin). I hope the rain clears up tomorrow, so I can go on another walking tour.
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Just finished watching episode one of Tru Calling with [ profile] imapunkin. Good opening! I hope the rest of the series maintains that calibre. Also watched Imogen get evicted from Big Brother; I'm glad Richard gets to stay for the final week (the queer Canuck made the cut!). And I just finished hour five with the ab belt. I'm not sure what it says about my gut that I can go hour after hour with that much activity and only be left mildly tender. I knew the belly was mighty just from holding itself in all these years, but what's it going to take to actually wear it down?

Ah well, the rest of me is tired, so it's time to head upstairs to bed. Right now, [ profile] imapunkin's room kinda resembles a bordello, courtesy of the light cast from red Chinese lantern I hung as a light shade (I was actually able to find one single store that actually had some tasteful lanterns). She just loves it! I also brought her other pressies, such as a fan and an interesting Indian style Buddha figurine in a frame. It's good to have a girl friend who is easy to buy for (grin!). It makes me so happy to see her face light up when she discovers a pressie I've left somewhere for her to find.
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Today was an odd day (and it should have ended hours ago), though a relatively pleasant one. It was odd in that there was a strange dichotomy between health conscious activity and complete couch potatoing (new verb!). I woke up quite late, spent a number of hours on the computer fussing about with my MP3 whilst playing Scramble (lost one game, won two), power walked to downtown, bought groceries, power walked back (at least forty minutes of power walking, all told), fixed a lovely chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette, broke out the ab belt pro that arrived in the mail today, then abused my gut muscles whilst watching disc one of the Twin Peaks series (How the heck did Lynch and co. keep that many story lines straight and running smoothly?).

About the ab belt: when I lose weight, I generally tend to lose it from the most active body parts first. As such, I'm trying to get my gut nearer to the forefront of active body parts. So far, I've run the belt about four hours at as high an intensity as my muscles could handle without cramping (just holding my gut in all day seems to lend them a bit of staying power).

It's now about 20 past 1 in the morning (glah!). Having that chai at about 7 was probably a bad idea. Methinks I'll pay a quick homage to the Goddess aspect of Divinity (as I've just confirmed it is a Full Moon tonight) and then get some sleep. I need to be reasonably well rested for the 11:20AM doctor's appointment to discuss the results of Monday's blood tests.
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Courtesy o' [ profile] ekatarina...

You scored as Tara Maclay. You're soft-hearted and soft-spoken. You do get nervous, especially when around new people, but it passes. You love your loved ones and would do anything to help them.


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Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?
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Reality TV

Aug. 13th, 2004 09:10 am
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Somewhere in my posting, I recall responding to someone trying to understand how reality TV came to be so appealing to the mass audience. It’s really simple; we’ve been vicariously living through TV characters so long that even their not-so-ordinary lives have become bland and dull. We crave new experiences, but we’ve exhausted the typical story lines. Enter reality TV, the “surrealism” of TV programming to give us a whole new twist to common experience.


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