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So what can I say that hasn't already said about me? Okay, a frack of a lot.

The bare essentials: I'm ex-professional student turned teacher who just returned from nearly four years of teaching secondary in the UK. (Okay, "teaching" wasn't quite so accurate; at times, it was more like "riot control".) I enjoy good conversation (really!), art and culture, photography, and an active lifestyle that includes lots of walking, hiking, and exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of urban environments. I also train as a martial artist (though I confess I still kinda suck...).

Oh yeah, and I'm asexual (hetero romantic asexual, to be precise). This means that, whilst I often experience romantic attraction to members of the opposite gender, I rarely experience sexual attraction (and, in fact, I'm rather turned off sex altogether). You can learn more about asexuality, in all its variation, here:

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