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Today was my long run day and I did MUCH better than last Monday. Whilst I still completed the 10 km I had set out to achieve that Monday, I didn't get much beyond that. This was disappointing, as I had hoped surpass my personal best for running distance, an achievement I described in this entry.

Today, however, I surpassed that distance by a kilometre, for a total of 13! Furthermore, the time for my last personal best distance, 12 km, was achieved at under 1 hour 43 minutes, shaving a whopping 17 minutes off my time for that distance!

On top of all that, I came to realization. Not only do I feel really awesome about today's run, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about last Monday's run, too, 'cause, like... HILLS! Lots of freakin' HILLS! Yes, the running path I'm currently using is NOT the gentle, flat length of trail from that previous journal entry, but, instead had lots of inclines, including THE VALE OF TORMENT:

From the bottom

From the top on the other side

The first time I crossed this valley was a really rough go for me, especially as it comes at around the 5 km mark. It was much easier the second time.


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