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The Wheel turns and, once again, the days begin to grow longer.

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Yesterday was a brilliant, sunny and, above all, warm day that prompted me to go out visiting. The weather was so nice, I wore my shorts. I had a happy visit, bought a few nice nick-knacks from Mystic Moons, enjoyed a lovely drive home, came downstairs, and stepped in water... 

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The candle I lit against the longest night is still going strongly. Good thing, too! I went out to greet the Sun with song for what should've been sunrise, but it was far too cloudy to see the Sun at all (still is). Regardless, I sang a few songs and shared a bit of libation, so it wasn't for naught. I checked the mailbox on the way back home and, most unexpectedly, there was a parcel for me. Yes, I got a present to open for Solstice Morn this very morning! Hee! (Thank you, [ profile] magikgypsy!)

A photo to share with you this beautiful Yule morning:

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Given all the Christmas goods that were being brought out by retailers during October, I reckon we can help Halloween get a little satisfaction by posting links to the results of [ profile] ysabetwordsmith's December Fishbowl and, thus, as a perk, reveal the Monster House poem, "Beggar's Night". For my part, I'm linking back to the wonderful poem, "Bittersweet Love" written from the prompt I gave her about the therapeutic properties of chocolate, as well as my often mentioned joke when the subject of chocolate comes up: my body is a temple... and the Goddess demands CHOCOLATE!!!
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[ profile] ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl for October is now open, and the theme is GHOSTS!

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Although, I must admit it seems kind of odd celebrating first harvest just prior to a tremendous amount of change in my lifestyle to occur later this month. It's like I'm undergoing a lot of action when I should be reflecting. Ah, well. I'll just have to catch up on the reflection at Mabon.  :)
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Inspired, in part, by conversations with [info]swankivy , I've decided to put some effort into maintaining seasonal displays. I've put up displays for specific seasonal holidays such as Samhain, Yule, and Ostara before, but I've never put up anything for Midsummer. That changed not long after my Midsummer stay at the beach.

Below is my first Summer seasonal display, featuring sea shells, gathered during my Midsummer vacation, and one very cute stuffed lobster toy:

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This morning I celebrated by taking a long walk out on the marsh to greet the dawning Sun with libation and the song of my didjeridoo.

A few hours bus trip later, I arrived at the cabin on the beach. After a long walk along the beach, along with a little Kung Fu, I'm already feeling MUCH more relaxed.  :)

More details to follow when I get access to a computer.

Blessed Be!

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Sorry this comes a bit late, but I wanted to share with you a couple images of both the egg I created for our Ostara ceremony and an arrangement I created for my seasonal altar.

And, yes, that silhouette IS a cut-out. It's my first go at this kind of sculpture. Mistakes were made along the way, but it turned out not too bad, no?
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As many of you are aware, last evening's Lunar Eclipse, in occurring on the day of the Winter Solstice, is quite a rare event. Sadly, I could not participate in it as I would have liked: the weather was just too foul to see anything in the night sky (and, in actuality, I even had some difficulty seeing some of the city's taller landmarks). I did, however, shared a few words with the Goddess and laid out a number of my female aligned altar and ritual items on the windowsill to absorb a bit of the extra Female energy that was about. 

Later on today, of course, I will be having a private Yule ceremony in which I will be honoring the rebirth of the God. For me, it is a time of new beginnings, as the energies of the world shift from building potential to beginning action. As such, I've chosen this evening to consecrate my new sword, which will finally see ritual use, as well as reconsecrate a number of my other implements. 

In her article for The Washington Post, 
Out of darkness, light: Solstice and the lunar eclipse, prominent Pagan author Starhawk wrote:

More of what both Starhawk and I have written about the Solstice... )

May the promise of the returning Light fill your hearts with warmth, joy and peace this holiday season!
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I just downloaded a funky moon phase calculator app (titled MoonCal) to my Crackberry. I noticed that it listed November 21st as a 'blue moon'. As it is NOT a second Full Moon in the month of November, I was a little confused.

A little Google Fu later and I came upon this at

Although the full moon that you will see on Nov. 21, 2010, looks like an ordinary full moon, it is actually a bit extraordinary—a blue moon.

What is a Blue Moon?

There are in fact two definitions for a blue moon. According to the more recent definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. For a blue moon to occur, the first of the full moons must appear at or near the beginning of the month so that the second will fall within the same month (the average span between two moons is 29.5 days).

The Other Kind of Blue Moon

The older definition, which is recorded in early issues of the Maine Farmer's Almanac, states that the blue moon is the third full moon in a season that has four full moons. Why would one want to identify the third full moon in a season of four full moons? The answer is complex, and has to do with the Christian ecclesiastical calendar.

Some years have an extra full moon—13 instead of 12. Since the identity of the moons was important in the ecclesiastical calendar (the Paschal Moon, for example, used to be crucial for determining the date of Easter), a year with a 13th moon skewed the calendar, since there were names for only 12 moons. By identifying the extra, 13th moon as a blue moon, the ecclesiastical calendar was able to stay on track.

So, yes, my app is indeed correct in keeping with the older definition. BTW, it also calculates the lunar phases, the solstices, the equinoxes, the Chinese New Year and what Zodiac sign the moon falls under. It's a really funky app!


May. 3rd, 2010 05:27 am
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A blessed (if belated) Beltaine to all celebrate it! 

My celebration of Beltaine was a simple, but very satisfying affair. The ceremony included purification followed by, as [ profile] lupabitch  calls it, 'trance dancing' in and amongst a number of lit candles in the pre-dawn darkness, summoning the fertile energy of Spring to bless myself with creativity and productivity over the coming year. This time around, I challenged myself in a very particular way, dancing 'skyclad'* for the first time ever. The experience was a very powerful and evocative event that left me quite energized for the remainder of the day.

* 'Skyclad' is the Wiccan way of saying 'naked' in the context of ceremonial purposes. (If any of you are trying to picture me dancing around naked in your mind, for the love of the Gods, STOP before you TRAUMATIZE yourself! :p )
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Ah yes, the Spring Equinox is once again upon us, heralding an end to all this wintery blah and a return of all sorts of warm, fuzzy rebirth stuff.  :D

I think today I will celebrate with a small private ceremony and creating some artwork in acknowledgement of the season of fertility.

However you choose to celebrate the Equinox, may you have a warm and wonderful one!

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For the benefit of my dear friend [ profile] itsjustc  and others who have no clue what one looks like.  *big cheesy grin*

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Yep, it's Samhain and, as I've promised myself, I finally broke open that bottle of Crystal Head Vodka that my brother got me for my birthday. I've thus far two shots plus something called a Toasted Almond (which has amaretto and coffee liqueuer, as well as the vodka). The amaretto lends the 'almond' part of the name, but 'toasted', methinks comes from the effect of having downed a cocktail with three ounces of liqueuer in it. *chuckle* (It may seem like I'm typing coherently, but you wouldn't believe how many times I've had to backspace and correct. LOL!) The Dead? They're still working on the first shot, the teatotallers. *chuckle*

I made a nice meal for 'em, too. Sort of a shrimp and linguine dish with a garlic, cream cheese and spinach sauce. Tried the recipe for the first time - very yummm!

And for desert? RUMBALLS!!! Imagine some highly decadent profiteroles... liberally laced with rummy goodness.  :D  (Okay, I didn't make those: they came from a family bakery that operates out of the market I went to today.)

And have the Dead touched a single bite? 'Course not! Must've spoiled their appetites before coming to dinner. Ah, well! I'll leave it out for tonight and they can pick on what they want. Whatever is left over in the morning goes out the natual world.

I lit some candles for the honored Dead. Amongst them my grandmother, though I strongly suspect she's probably already on her next turn of the Wheel. I also honored an old acquantance, Wolfie, from my Lycos Pagan Horde days. She finally lost her battle to cancer this year. Her wild tales of her life as a trucker will be missed. Keep on truckin', Wolfie!

And to the living, BLESSED SAMHAIN!!! (or HAPPY HALLOWEEN, if you are thus inclined! :D )

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning...

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Okay, okay, so it's not like Hurricane Bill actually presented any real threat where I am living, 'cept maybe a drowning risk to snobs, but, hey, I managed to book four days off, so I'm using 'em to visit some relatives I haven't seen in a while.
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I'm watching a movie when I hear the rain pick up... a LOT. In fact, it's sounding VERY HEAVY against my open window. I pause the film and go to check it out. Heavy? It's FREAKIN' HAIL! At the beginning of AUGUST!!! WTF?!?


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