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Jul. 19th, 2014 09:16 am
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One of the many adventures that my girlfriend and I partook of, during our vacation to Toronto, was exploring Casa Loma, a grand structure styled upon European castles that was built by Canadian business visionary, Sir Henry Pellatt during the early 1900s.

Naturally, we took photos:

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The girlfriend and I recently returned from a week long vacation in Toronto, where we did ALL THE THINGS, including marching in the annual pride parade, as part of World Pride 2014, in support of asexual awareness and visibility.  I'm still going through all the photographs, of which I shot over 4200, between my two cameras and my phone. However, I have finished all the ones I took at the CN Tower (with a side trip up to the Skypod):

Teddy makes a triumphant return to the top of Toronto!

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Just before I left for Toronto, a very dear friend of mine gave me a wee teddy bear to keep me company on my journey. 'Course, I also brought along my camera and a highly developed sense of whimsy, resulting in...

Teddy's Terrific Toronto Tour!

Image hosted by

(Do I get extra points for alliteration?)
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On [ profile] mionemione's suggestion, I finally got a Photobucket account. Let's see if I can actually directly link images like it says it can.

Image hosted by

This was a shot of the CN Tower taken yesterday after my return from Ward's Island. Someone let me know if you can see it.
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It's been a little less than a week that I've spent in Toronto. So far I have:

1) Taken a long walk down Queen Street West

2) Taken a even longer hike down Queen Street East, from downtown Toronto to the Eastern Beaches (a little over 7 kilometers, I figure; I went to bed with my legs mildly aching from exertion for the first time in a lonnnggg while)

3) Snapped a number of photos of landmarks and architecture (I'm so glad I have a camera this time!)

4) Scored a decent burrito, some jerk chicken, and even some crispy ginger fried beef (though it wasn't as good as Lin Heung's)

5) Discovered that the teaching job scene for Canada has gotten worse since the last time I looked

6) Wrote a bunch of lesson plans and dug up material on mythological tricksters (Raven, Anansi, and Loki) for my year 7s

7) Struggled to avoid being overfed by my host's mother

8) Found out that a little snag in the work permit process has cost a bit of time and has likely marooned me here for an extra week

9) Found out that said snag was rectified by the school taking me on to the payroll (as they have to be directly employing me for work permit purposes)

10) Had a lovely lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a long while

11) Read through Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (a great novel, though not as captivating as American Gods)

12) Started rereading Frank Herbert's Dune (which, after about twenty years and the development of a strong understanding of religious, social, political, and cultural matters, reads like a brand new novel)

13) Did an amazing amount of window shopping (including a lot of kewl curio shops and even a few "naughty" stores)

14) Caught up on a lot of rest

15) Engaged in plenty of conversation with my host and the other residents of the household (including a plethora of house-pets)

16) Picked up a pressie for a dear friend back in the UK

All in all, a week reasonably spent, methinks.

The weekend holds the promise of a trip to Ward's Island, which I've been looking forward to since my return. This time, I'll have camera in hand so I can show everyone just how amazing it is.


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