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a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"

asked the unintentionally cruel aunt
like she does every time she visits
too occasionally to explain
the lonely sorrow that is being
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"

the answer is always an awkward mutter
those who truly know me never ask
it's an unvoiced understanding
they know about, but never speak of
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"

the words cut a savage reminder
of all the things I'll never have
a wife, kids, the love that comes with them
all lost to me, as no one wants
a romantic asexual

"When are you going to get married?"

a prison sentence pronounced as a question
invisible bars of loneliness between me
and the joy I see everyone else share
half a life of heartache, and half a life to go, as
a romantic asexual
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Cross-posted from [info]asexuality .

How Sci-Fi Makes Us More Open to Strange Forms of Sex and Sexuality

And Asexuality gets a mention! (Though, granted, they describe it as an axis point for libido...):

"Each of these variables is not an either/or situation, but sits on a spectrum. So, if asked to self-identify, the question is not “are you asexual or hypersexual” but, “on a scale of one to ten, one being no sex drive, ten being perpetual, overwhelming sex drive, how would you rate your libido?” And a number in one variable might have no bearing on another. A binary is just not enough – there is a reason the rainbow is representative of the queer community."

The visibility is getting out there, folks!  :D

Edit: [info]alias_chick , in the comments below, posted a really interesting link to a TED presentation discussing the problems of relying upon nature as a means to differentiate between people. Those interested in gender studies may wish to give it a view.
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In anticipation of [info]ysabetwordsmith 's Poetry Fishbowl concerning alternative sexuality and gender studies, I've written a poem describing one of the key challenges I face as a romantic (and very much touch starved) asexual.

(Yes, I was listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen whilst writing this.)

Because I do not touch that way

Not for me are the sweaty grapplings, concealed in the dark.
I kiss, I touch, with deep embrace, but never reach that mark.
The lesson was so hard to learn, so many hearts did fall,
that, as I do not touch that way, I cannot touch at all.

Kinsey’s X is what I am, and, of us, there should be more,
many with such sexless yearnings that I could so adore.
Yet here I am with none to hold, none near that I recall,
and, since I do not touch that way, I cannot touch at all.

The nearest heart to call my own, a thousand miles away.
With but voices we caress and with only letters play.
But what will become of us, when lonely nights come to call?
For, as we do not touch that way, we cannot touch at all.

There should be more hope and I should have some reason for cheer,
as the call is now raised loud for all the Xs to hear.
Yet, at night with no one to hold, I dread what may befall,
because I do not touch that way, I’ll never touch at all.
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[ profile] ysabetwordsmith  has this to say about her upcoming Poetry Fishbowl:

"I'll be holding a Poetry Fishbowl in my blog on Tuesday, June 7 2011. This time the theme will be "alternative sexuality and gender studies." I'll be taking prompts on all aspects of sex and gender; since I've been covering asexuality recently, I'm hoping to see some activity there. Then I'll write poems based on whatever ideas people give me. At least one of those poems will get posted for everyone to enjoy free, and the rest will be available for sponsorship if people wish. If you'd like to see more positive portrayals of aces and asexuality, here's a chance. Drop by and leave me a prompt, read whatever poems appear, or just watch the fun. Everyone is welcome. You can read more about this project on the Poetry Fishbowl landing page."

You can read more about the upcoming Poetry Fishbowl here.


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